Coffee for coffee machines - so you find the right

Coffee for coffee machines - so you find the right

Find your favorite coffee places.

When choosing the right type of coffee it is all about your personal taste. For roasts there are differences that are the taste of mild very fragrant influence.

Differences in coffee roasting

  • Schümli coffee is a coffee blend specifically for coffee machines. It is a light espresso roast, which is not as finely ground. You should adjust your grind. Schümli coffee is seen as a very easy on the stomach, because it is not so dark roasted.
  • Espresso is stronger and darker roast than Schümli and is rather macchiato coffee specialties such as cappuccino or latte used. Since he can taste very bitter, it may be that it does not suit you than regular coffee.
  • Crema Coffee corresponds in the mix most likely a normal filter coffee. So if you drink more than normal coffee specialties, this is recommended.

What should you consider for coffee machines

Not every Spezialröstung is suitable for fully automatic coffee machines.

  • Caramelised coffee roasts can clog your grinder or attach to the brewing unit. For very oily coffee beans, as they are often found in Espressoröstungen down can also attach to the brewing unit.
  • Very cheap coffees can be contaminated with small stones and damage the grinding your coffee machine. Some coffees that are roasted for filter coffee may taste slightly acidic in fully automatic.
  • Note that the grinder to the coffee you use should be tuned to achieve optimal coffee enjoyment.
  • Too coarse ground coffee usually has a missing Crema result. To finely ground coffee is often bitter, because the water can not be pressed with the right pressure by the ground powder.

Once you have found your favorite variety for yourself, you will want to give up the freshly ground and brewed coffee from the fully automatic hardly.

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