Color viscose - how it works

Color viscose - how it works

Bright colors are welcome.

Viscose can change color

Brushed Clothing Viscose You do not have to give away, if the color is not as grand as at the beginning.

  • It is incredibly easy to color viscose, because the fabric is made of natural fibers and therefore takes the color very easily. Also can be dyed well be more natural products, such as linen, cotton and mixed fabrics consists for example of 30% viscose and 70% cotton.
  • Colors to dye your clothes can be found in well-stocked supermarkets and in any drugstore. The use of color is incredibly easy and the dyeing process is carried out in the washing machine.

Therefore, only clothing may be colored, which can also be washed in the washing machine. Refer to the information on the manufacturer's label of each garment.

How to color correct

This really anything goes wrong, you should always follow the manufacturer's instructions. These refer to the package insert of the package, or directly on the cardboard. Color can viscose at 60 ° C in the washing machine. How much paint you use is dependent on the weight of the clothes. With a pack of color you can dye 300g fabric and achieve a strong tone. Clothing must be turned to the left side before.

  1. Wash the garment normally and give you the clean but damp viscose back into the drum.
  2. Cut the bags of paint on the top edge and place it on top of the fabric, which is already in the machine.
  3. Depending on the clothes make temperature to 60 ° C or 95 ° C.
  4. Select at the washing machine, the program "Easy care" or "fine linen", and start the engine. Let the program run through completely.

Wash the garment of viscose then again with detergent, set the temperature but only at 40 ° C. And there you have successfully can dye your clothes from viscose.

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