Compare value for money - small laptop

Compare value for money - small laptop

Smaller laptops - Netbooks give pleasure. But please compare price and performance before!

Small laptop - netbook and your technique

  • Netbooks are different from laptops by one thing: the size. Big they are only the display that usually begins at 14 inches. Netbooks as small laptops are currently almost always equipped with 10 inch displays. Of course notebooks that have smaller displays and are even very small (12 inch displays, etc.), but these notebooks are often very expensive.
  • Netbooks are generally inexpensive - in comparison to the notebook. A netbook you get from just 200 Euros.
  • The technique is slimmed down. Just so the price is to be realized. The display has a low resolution (for example 1024x600, etc.). The hard drive is small, as is the memory. The CPU is not a high-performance CPU, but a simple (if you can speak in this context simply) low-power CPU (Intel Atom frequently). There is still lack of connections that bring some notebooks (Firewire, more than 2 USB 2/3 slots, etc.). Is omitted as well on a DVD drive (if external). The graphics card is also very little power. The operating system is Windows XP or rather a customized Linux (and Windows 7, for example in the Starter Edition are available) than a modern operating system with high demands it.

Compare prices and performance of netbooks

The following things you should compare when buying from small laptop:

  1. Battery Life: In tests, the runtime is tested. Even the smaller laptops should hold at least 4 hours.
  2. Screen size and resolution, the higher the resolution, the more fit on the screen. However, for small displays suffers the visibility. The best way to test the device from the merchants.
  3. Memory: 1 GB RAM should be at least available, otherwise the work becomes a torment.
  4. Festplattenart- and Size: In some netbooks flash drives are installed. This has many advantages in terms of power consumption and speed, but limits the size of a still highly. If you want to use the device for more data should think of traditional hard drives with 120 GB up.
  5. Connectivity: Depending on what you need, you should be, for example, the number and location of the USB ports, card reader, etc. Eight.
  6. Network Equipment: In addition to a LAN connection, a wireless module should be integrated. Who needs Bluetooth, should also pay attention.
  7. Tastaturgröße- and texture: Can you use the keyboard? How is the quality of the keys?
  8. Depending on the requirement may be interesting to the sound of the speakers or the quality of the microphone.
  9. The built-in graphics card: Most graphics cards are built only in the chipset. Nevertheless, here there are a considerable difference between the types and versions, for example, when playing videos or playing small 3d games.
  10. Availability drivers: The device should also be made to work in an operating system change after a crash, reinstallation or. For this purpose, it is required in addition to the actual operating system software drivers for the hardware installed.

The netbook - a small laptop that usually performs its tasks with flying colors and is completely adequate for writing, reading, surfing and one or the other video.

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