Concrete screed sacks - Useful

Concrete screed sacks - Useful

Plan right: concrete screed sacks

Buy concrete screed in bags ready or produced by means of mixing machine itself

  • The decision to use one or the other variant is initially a pure question of cost. Sacks is cheaper compared to the variant with the mixture of cement and gravel in lesser amounts, since the rent for the unit must be included. Take only the cement itself, the concrete slab will be cheaper than fast gravel-cement mixture.
  • Another reason for the use of the bagged material in the production of concrete screed is expensed. You need to hire a meaningful comparison, because even if it is slightly more expensive with the sacks, the lower application can make the difference. Finally, the gravel must be brought to the construction site next to the machine. It is rather inaccessible, the gravel is tilted against the property. This would make it more difficult every step by the shoveling and hauling significantly.
  • On the other hand, working with a blender is much easier than if you have to touch each bag in a bucket individually with a spade. Again, it is important to pay close attention to the working conditions. Tight spaces - such as when casting a concrete slab for a reverse side to the right or left of the house - can be handled easily by working with sacks and buckets.

How should you produce from the bagged concrete screed

  • First, you need the already mentioned bucket. Buy this at the hardware store. Select prefer a slightly smaller version. He must be so handy that you can tow it easily. Her ambition you could also put a leg if you make the bucket too full. Concrete is so heavy that you will not be able to carry the bucket very quickly.
  • To Stir prefer to use a spade. While there are Stirrers for drills. Get away from it if you want to keep it longer. Agitation of concrete screed in a bucket has already cost many a drill life. For the small work, the use of a garden shovel will pay off quickly.
  • Pour the bag material in the bucket after you have filled in a little water. The dusty concrete floor can mix better. Save water and bagged no need of other ingredients. The ratio is usually 1:10. So pour in a 25 KG bag 2.5 liters in the bucket.

Mix the bagged properly and pay attention to your health

  • Experience makes the difference. At the beginning of the mixing ratio is you might not satisfy. Over time, you will get a sense of how much water it needs to be precise. If the concrete too sandy, often ranging from small splash to let him be flowing.
  • Be careful when lifting the bucket. First go to the knee. Your back will thank you. For the same reason, you should use only one bag at a time. The more you pour into it, the red is your head while wearing and chutes.
  • On expiration of the concrete floor you are on a secure footing. Set rather fragments of paving slabs in the area where the concrete slab to be poured. So you can leave your feet there. Stay longer time in the damp floor stand, it may happen that you can not pull your foot to the shoe. It will certainly look funny when you standing on one leg and no shoe on the other foot trying to give this to get out of the sucking wet.
  • You can remove the plate pieces again. It's usually nothing but to leave it there. They themselves are made of concrete. In this way you can save a little money, as the paving slabs reduce its volume with the total mass of the concrete to be poured stroke.
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