Connect the water heater under a kitchen sink and seal

Connect the water heater under a kitchen sink and seal

Connect a water heater.

Screw the water heater under the sink

Before you can connect the water heater under your sink, you must selfsame screw once on the wall. So grab a pencil to mark where to get started. Explore However, in the run exactly to where water pipes and power lines run before you get a nasty surprise when drilling.

  1. Now that you have examined how the cables are laid under your sink, you can mark the positions of the hanger of your flow heater on the wall. For this work, you should ask a helper to the side, holding up the heater while you perform the Anzeichnungen.
  2. Then back drilling records and insert a dowel. Then fasten the device to your wall. Do not forget to measure in advance whether your power cable extends also to the nearest outlet.
  3. Not that you have hung up the heater and have yet to get an extension to come to power. If all this is done, you can start the actual connecting the device.

Connect the equipment correctly

  1. If your water heater will now depend, under your sink, you should not be connected to the electricity same. Rather, you should now take the supplied flow tubes on hand and selbige screw on your heater.
  2. Take the red line and connect it to the red terminal of the heater. Just go with the blue line before.
  3. The other two ends go again to your main faucet and even to your mixer battery in your sink. If the connections are then properly sealed, you can connect the power and enjoy the benefits of your new flow heater.

If the line is not properly sealed, you should check the seals.

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