Cork grind - so go ahead

Cork grind - so go ahead

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Flooring made of cork grind in a few steps

The grinding the cork floor is at least necessary when no more cleaning tests help and either a new floor is due or even attempts to save the flooring. Using a grinder you manage the grinding of the cork floor in no time.

  1. Before you start sanding, remove all furniture and objects from the room. Also, profiles, skirting boards and rails you need to eliminate. If nail heads protrude, they must be careful to sink into the ground.
  2. Remove the grout and then clean the floor with a broom.
  3. After that you start with the first grinding gear. To do this, use a coarse grit. To do this, the sander and move it slowly forward in the direction of the grain.
  4. Go back the same way and use it the same track. Make sure that you lift the sander when moving to the next track.
  5. If necessary, repeat the loop if the first cut was not satisfactory.
  6. In the second sanding run using the average grain size and proceed as in the first grinding gear.
  7. After the third loop, the fine grinding with finer grain, you return to the ground.
  8. After oiling you have an almost new cork floor.

Make sure that you ear protection and a dust mask wear when working.

Advice for cork-care

To take pleasure to have on your cork floor, good care is necessary.

  • Normally, it is enough to sweep the floor and damp wipe. If you wipe the floor wet, mix your mop water add some polish.
  • With super wax and oil balm you seal your cork floor, thus ensuring long life.

With the sanding and good maintenance, you can enjoy your flooring long.

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