Corrugated plastic - so you build with it a privacy screen

Corrugated plastic - so you build with it a privacy screen

Protect yourself from prying eyes of third parties. © B._Taubitz / Pixelio

Corrugated plastic as a screen will secure your privacy

But if you want to enjoy on your balcony the nice weather, you do not want to be on show determined. Therefore, you should install a privacy screen on your balcony railing made of corrugated plastic. For prying eyes of curious neighbors need any. It is also very easy to assemble such a privacy screen.

  1. Before purchasing of a visual screen from plastic to measure the level and the partial length of the railing of the balcony. Since there are corrugated plastic in many different heights, you can buy it immediately in the required height. The optimal measure of the visual protection is 50 to 150 mm over the balcony railing.
  2. Let's cut the parts when buying directly to the desired lengths. In specialist markets, it is possible to cut the material with clean cuts.
  3. Ask. The parts made of corrugated plastic in front of the railing of the balcony and secure the protection with screw clamps on railing Make sure that you tighten the screening.

Attach the corrugated plastic on the railing

  1. Draw with the permanent marker pen marks on the corrugated plastic. The markings must all be marked at intervals of about 400 mm in the upper and lower area just next to the outer vertical rods of a banister side and in the middle part.
  2. Drill through the markings holes in the protective plastic. Please fill in the Akkuschraubmaschine.
  3. Slide the cable tie through one of the holes from the front, bend it around the bar and slide it through the second hole back. Then connect the cable tie and tighten it. Repeat this process on all-rail, where you have an attachment provided.
  4. Cut off the excess cable tie with the cutter so that no one may hurt you.

Finish your screen of corrugated plastic. Now you can calmly enjoy the nice weather on your balcony.

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