Create a marketing concept - how it works

Create a marketing concept - how it works

Planning a New Business with a concept.

Fundamental aspects when creating the marketing concept

Creating a marketing concept requires a structured design of the sales plan. The best way to go about it as follows.

  • Define your product or service in a few sentences. The description should be your future customers to see what they can expect from you. Stay with it realistically. Do not hold your special power or your special products behind the bush.
  • Work out your unique selling proposition. This is a technical term from the marketing and describes an outstanding feature through which just your offer from that of your competitors is different. Consider whether it is "defensible" and economical enough.

Work out the detailed criteria of the concept exactly

  • Another important point when creating the marketing concept is the pricing and costing your product or service. Here you comply with the requirements of cost accounting, which provides for special instruments such as pricing schemes. Calculate in advance as precisely as possible the realistic selling price per unit or per hour worked, available market share and profit margins.
  • Define exactly your target audience. Do you already have existing customers, there are many interested parties? Also, networks, and other opinion leaders are needed here.
  • Important for your future business specifically to market conditions and structures. Is there enough interest in your region or customers for your services? Are strong competition farms to fear? What are the conditions of purchase and use habits of your future customers? These factors you should carefully keep track and capture the detail in your marketing plan.
  • The definition of your time marketing objectives should also heed. What you want to short sales, so within a year, or medium, that is achieve in the period of 1 to 3 years?
  • Write down your goals for the desired market share, image and brand awareness of your services and products.
  • Finally, you should think of marketing actions to sell your services. This includes a thorough distribution policy that determines the distribution channels.
  • As viewed from your communication policy? How can you reach your target audience and operate as targeted referral marketing and advertising? Also think about whether you want to organize special events to promote sales. Write everything down in your marketing plan.
  • Forget Never adjusting your financial opportunities to the marketing budget and set a clear timetable for the concept underlying after you want to proceed.
  • Keep a close eye on the implementation and optimization if necessary actions.
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