Create taping properly

Create taping properly

A tape bandage supports the joint.

Place the tape dressing properly

Both for treatment and preventative can equip a tape dressing, often this technique is applied in athletes. The affected joint is thereby stabilized by the tape, and support, injuries caused by instability of muscles or ligaments can be prevented.

  1. For a classic Tape Association, the facility you require inelastic plaster tape, this is it from numerous manufacturers Available through the pharmacy or on the Internet. Depending on the joint and Taping You may need different widths of tape.
  2. To avoid adverse skin reactions, you should test before installation of the first Tape Association, whether you may be allergic to the tape and stick a small strip of tape.
  3. Thus, the tape dressing adheres well, the skin surface must be free of sweat, also residues of cream may adversely affect the durability.
  4. To protect the skin, you can create a layer Unterzugtape before you start to create the stabilizing taping.
  5. Measure advance the required length of tape strips and cut this deal, so the application works quite easily.
  6. The example creates two anchor strips that are intended for adhesion of the tape reins, these anchors are applied above and below the joint to be stabilized.
  7. With the tape reins of the band profile is modeled, these are backed by fixing strips that are attached circular.
  8. Finally, you get to the furring strip that secure the taping addition.

During the application, you should keep the joint stable as possible, so that the tape bandage is tight.

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