Curtain for a loft bed sewing - Manual

Curtain for a loft bed sewing - Manual

A curtain also serves as a screen. © Paul-Georg Meister / Pixelio

A curtain for the loft bed

A little bit of skill and desire to sew, you should have the basic knowledge on the sewing machine is sufficient, well then yes it can go.

  1. Measure from your loft bed and calculate how much fabric you need for the curtain, this guide will describe a part of 25 cm width, you have to sew. That is, for a 2 meter bed you need 8 pieces. You can vary the size of course as you would like it.
  2. Convert each time Part 1 cm seam edging to the right, left and above, in the lower part please expect 2 cm to here the rods or spheres also be incorporated later.

How to sew a privacy curtain for your loft bed

  1. Cut the fabric handle and think of the seam border.
  2. Prepare the sewing machine and make sure that your hair can not come into contact with the needle cam and the yarn package, here cause injury.
  3. Please start with the left side of the curtain, just plug it with enough pins from now the right side.
  4. These two pages sew now carefully.
  5. Please remove the pins.
  6. Do the same with the top of your curtain.
  7. Now you need a strip of the Velcro, as wide as your curtain.
  8. The Velcro sew on the upper part, here you have to be careful if you sew the front or back, depending on where you attach the curtain on bunk bed.
  9. If the attachment of the curtain is mounted behind a bar at the bed, the Velcro tape must be sewn on the front, so the substance falls down behind the bar.
  10. The last step is also the most expensive, sew the bottom of half a cm.
  11. Then you take the stick to help, just drop it on the curtain and turn it over the bar and put the whole thing off with pins.
  12. Carefully remove the wooden rod and sew the fabric around. The bar serves at the end cause the curtain falls beautifully straight down.
  13. Attach the counterpart of the velcro to your loft bed, the ready made curtain you can attach very easy now.
  14. If all depends, slide the wooden stick into the lower opening. Finish your curtain for the loft bed.

A velcro is really a pleasant alternative to conventional curtain rod.

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