Customs Paying Agent - Informative

Customs Paying Agent - Informative

For customs duties, the customs Paying Agent is responsible. © / Pixelio

The customs and its functions

The role of customs are diverse. Whereas previously only asked travelers at border crossings, whether they have anything to declare, the customs officers have now very different tasks. These include the fight against undeclared work, the enforcement of public money claims and, indeed, to monitor the import, export and transit of goods.

  • Have you ordered goods abroad, you can not be delivered directly because as fees are still to pay, is the packet to the customs office that is responsible for your hometown and you even get from the Post Office a written message in the form of a green card that your shipment is at customs.
  • The notification also contains information about what you need to bring anything, because often it is not just about fees, but it is missing, for example, on the package information on the value of goods, so you have to bring the bill and a payment receipt.
  • Goods which arrive at a customs office be entered, stored for 14 days. If they were not picked up until then, they are sent back to the sender. The storage of the package is chargeable from 5 euros. This value is obtained from the tenth day of storage, so if you pick up your package later after ten days or you incur storage costs.

Pay at the customs Paying Agent

Responsible for payments at customs is the respective customs Paying Agent. It is responsible for the monitoring of incoming payments.

  • Receive an alert that a packet is addressed to you at customs, you can visit the notification and, where applicable, the additional documents requested, the customs office. Under certain circumstances, depending on the nature of the program you need to open the package in front of a customs officer. If everything is in order, you can pay the customs fees and the incidental storage fees equal bar and you will receive your goods handed.
  • Sometimes it can also happen that all import duties were inadvertently not recognized or too low, for example because misrepresentation. In such a case occurs when the error was detected, a subsequent random. You will be the main customs office a notice that normally accompanies a pre-referral to the customs Paying Agent. The amount you transfer the amount normally through your bank.

Proof of payment should be retained for a period of time, so that, if necessary, it should have come with the customs Paying Agent to update problems have something in your hand.

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