DB color chart - Information

DB color chart - Information

Colors can be displayed on color cards.

The normalization of colors

Colors can be assigned numbers, thus the colors are normalized.

  • Many known are the RAL-colors. This is a collection of just over two hundred colors. Each of the colors have been assigned a number. Can be shown the colors on the so-called color cards. In general, the individual cards are arranged like a fan.
  • It is important to standardization especially for manufacturers of paints, plasters and paints, as well as for their customers. The customers are ordering only the number that is associated with the desired color on the color chart. To avoid replacing color samples, because many ground, the pattern of the original tones may vary. -Screen displays approximately correspond, usually not exactly the respective colors, but show only approximations. By entering the numbers to ensure that they get the desired shade. The RAL colors can be bought, for example via the Internet.
  • Some companies, such as Caparol, a manufacturer of paints, coatings, building protection and thermal insulation, the paint manufacturers Brillux, but also the German railway have developed their own colors with the corresponding color cards.

The color map of the DB

The German railway used for certain steel components, this can for example be canopies on platforms or steel bridges, only certain colors.

  • The colors used for steel components of the DB are special colors because they contain a high proportion of iron mica. They help to prevent corrosion. In tone for the main steel structure of the web is muted grays, greens, blues and browns.
  • The manufacturers of the steel components are made binding by using the DB-color card the colors you want. The shades are now partly used by other companies for materials other than steel.

The color maps of the DB and other companies are therefore used for display of colors.

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