Definition and explain - difference simply explained

Definition and explain - difference simply explained

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  • The definition is according to the dictionary, the "accurate determination of a term by explication and explanation of its contents."
  • The term itself comes from Latin and means determination or differentiation.
  • Synonyms are the definition and term explanation.
  • There are a variety of theories for the exact description of the contents of the definition. Thus, nothing more is meant than the "definition of definition".
  • That is, it is an attempt to explain a concept abstract. However, the most accurate determination of its meaning is intended. Thus, the definition tries to find out what is generally meant by a term.


  • Explaining according to the dictionary, however, the attempt to explain a little closer, so to clarify it, for example by means of examples.
  • The term itself comes from the Middle High German and means something like "make clear".
  • Synonyms for are describing and explaining.
  • This is also the primary function of illustrating. It thus serves to describe someone a complex situation more accurately respectively to make this clear, so it is the importance of the facts clearly.
  • The aim is to elicit understanding.


The simple difference between the definition and explaining can therefore be expressed as follows:

  • While the definition attempts to determine the accurate contextual meaning of a term, explaining and explaining seeks to clarify a complex question.
  • The definition is limited to a concept, while explaining the longer range includes a full facts.
  • Ex .: The definition of "football" means, for example, "the operation of football". If the same term, however, explained, it could read as follows: ". Two teams of 11 players play with a medium sized ball on two goals at a reasonably large field goal of the game is to hit the ball by foot and / or head touches in the to promote the opponent's goal.
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