Determine resale value of a car - so it is possible

Determine resale value of a car - so it is possible

If you want to sell your car, you must determine the resale value.

Ways to determine the market value of a car

  • If you want to sell your car, you should first determine the current market value of your car in different places and locations.
  • One possibility is the local dealer. Check with the seller of the car of your brand, whether it offers the same car. Check with this for the price of a new car and a used car. Note that there can be large differences in condition, mileage and equipment in the price of used cars.
  • Also browse different car exchanges on the internet. Look for the model you want to sell. Pay attention in the selection of the results to a similar mileage and similar equipment. Only the comparison is even reasonably practicable.
  • Find as many such models and write down the prices. These activities, you can then orient, if you want to determine the resale value of your car.

Fix the resale value of a car

  • If you all want to be sure to find the right resale value for your automobile, you should get it from a nationally recognized expert.
  • He will examine your car radio on tonality and shortcomings. As a car expert and connoisseur of the market it can then set a realistic value for the car.
  • Now it's up to you what price you want to set. The best based on the sale value that the appraiser has determined. If you have not consulted such, you should find out the price as described above and set.
  • Of course you also still faces a margin, depending on whether you want to get rid of the car urgently and therefore offer it cheap or if you want to achieve the highest possible price and this therefore begin relatively high.
  • Also note that most buyers still want to trade the price down a bit. Calculate this into the offer price.
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