Diabetic cat food - so you feed cats with elevated blood sugar levels

Diabetic cat food - so you feed cats with elevated blood sugar levels

Even cats can get diabetes mellitus.

With a special diabetic cat food you can do something good for the cat and supply the animal optimally, without having to give up something.

Diabetic Cat Food at elevated blood glucose levels

  • Diabetes mellitus, as the disease is still called, unfortunately is very common in cats. If your cat is suffering from this metabolic disease and an elevated blood glucose level, then you can help the animal with the right food and support the recovery.
  • In healthy cats, the body produces insulin after eating. This reduces blood sugar levels, and ensures that glucose is transported through the blood to the cells.
  • Is not that your house cat is the case, then the blood sugar rises steadily, and the animal needs a specific diabetic cat food.

How to feed the Stubentiger properly

  • If you have opted for a diabetic cat food from your vet, then you agree with this directly from a feeding plan for your cat. The doctor can tell you how often and with what quantities you need to provide the cat with food.
  • Do you have a diabetic cat food from the retailers, you should first read the recommended feeding. This depends mostly on the weight of your cat, then you should also know.

So the food helps the animals

  • The diabetic cat food is rich in protein, but it contains no starch. So it can be fed for a lifetime, if your cat suffer from high blood sugar.
  • Many diabetic cats tend to be overweight. Therefore, the special lining has a unique composition that prevents the weight gain of the animals.
  • The food has a reduced-calorie and usually more proteins than normal cat food. Therefore, you can make it your house cat will still give when the blood sugar level to normal.
  • The diabetic cat food may very well prevent a relapse and provides your cat with all the important nutrients and vitamins needed by the animal in a balanced diet and welfare.

Let's examine your cat regularly by a vet and then talk also about the diet and a possible change in diet.

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