Dialing code 0088 - Find out more

Dialing code 0088 - Find out more

The area code 0088 indicates a satellite telephone connection.

Fundamental to the calling code numbers 0088

  • The telephone area code with the numbers 0088 belong in the category "satellite telephony" and example, are often used by sea from ships. If a call from this number comes to you, then it could be that someone in your family or circle of acquaintances is currently traveling by ship and therefore is away from civilization.
  • With these special satellite phones you can establish a connection in which the language as well as other data are transmitted via satellite communications.

How the connection

  • A connection to the respective terminal with the area code 0088 occurs while on radio, and this directly to a satellite. In this way it is possible anywhere in the world - no matter where you happen to be - to make calls. Because you do not need any traditional phone networks in the form of cables for this type of telephony.
  • The corresponding satellite is able to forward an incoming call directly to a particular earth station. These can then be relatively straightforward to feed into the telephone network your local telephone company your conversation.
  • The telephone area code numbers 0087, however, are usually a warning sign that it is in this call is a so-called Phone fraud. If you return a call here at the same number, then you usually run the risk of falling directly into a nasty case of cost. For relatively high costs are often calculated in your callback. But this then they notice until your telephone bill into the house "fluttered" comes.
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