Difference between punch and mulled wine - easily explained

Difference between punch and mulled wine - easily explained

Punch or mulled wine? That is the difference.

What is punch?

  • Originally, the term and the drink punch come from India. The word punch in Hindi means as much as "five". This refers to the number of ingredients that make up a traditional Indian punch. Basically, the hot drink of water, lemon, sugar, spices and an Indian spirit, the arrack made.
  • In the 17th century British sailors brought the drink to Europe. From the lack of availability of arrack, which is a spirit made from rice mash and palm wine, this is often replaced by rum.

Mulled wine - that's in it

  • Also the mulled wine is a very popular hot drink in our latitudes. Especially at Christmas markets he is part of the standard program. Mulled wine is made, as the name suggests, mostly of wine. Further facilities include various spices such as cinnamon and cloves into yummy winter drink.
  • The precursor of the currently known mulled wine is known since the Middle Ages spiced wine - but this was in contrast to the mulled wine, cold drink.

That is the difference between punch and mulled wine

The difference between punch and mulled wine is so easily explained. During punch always contains a spirit drink only wine is used for mulled wine. Furthermore, a difference between punch and mulled wine with the descent is explainable. During punch comes from India, the mulled wine is a traditional European beverage.

Similarities between the two drinks

In addition to the many differences there are also similarities in the two drinks.

  • Both mulled wine and punch be enjoyed hot.
  • Both beverages may only heated, but never cooked since then evaporates the alcohol and lose the spices to taste.

Punch and mulled wine in different variations

Over the years, of course, punch and mulled wine have changed. So there are countless varieties and mixed drinks. The example of mulled wine:

  • In addition to the well-known red mulled wine mulled wine beverages it is also with white wine, blueberry wine and cider.
  • There are also children's non-alcoholic mulled wine to grape juice base.

Most varieties and changes there are in the punch. Some of these delicious drinks are very expensive to produce.

  • Very popular is the Eggnog, which is made with stiff beaten egg whites.
  • Delicious and suitable for both children and drivers of non-alcoholic punch for children is based on fruit juices.
  • Even the famous Punch Bowl is one of the punch drinks.
  • There are also variants with tea, wine and juices.
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