Dirt Jump Bikes - In this component you should look

Dirt Jump Bikes - In this component you should look

Dirt Jump bikes have to endure what.

Dirt Jump Bikes - the wheels for rough terrain

  • Dirt Jump bikes are the wheels, which apparently have to endure the most, so they are always particularly dimensioned, that is, not only the framework is robust, but all parts must be able to keep up.
  • So you will have to adjust to relatively high costs for the purchase of your dirt jump bikes, because these components simply cost more if you save here, have you done any favors because you will not only have a little fun, is it dangerous ,

So make the right components together

  • It is important that you seek advice when buying your dirt jump bikes by a professional, it is ideal if this Seller is traveling with such a wheel.
  • As with all other bikes and the bike should naturally in size to suit you, and this applies not only to the pure body size, but on all dimensions, including body length, leg length, arm length and weight.
  • When the context that he is well made, no matter whether you opt for a hardtail or a Fully (full suspension) decide. It is important that the frame is torsion-and can put away hard impacts.
  • The suspension be protected in any case so that the spring itself can not come into contact with dirt and stones at your dirt jump bike does. If this is the case, the fork will be quickly broken.
  • The circuit does not need as many translations as you perhaps know of a mountain bike, but it should be for robust, which means that the shifter and derailleur rear are protected from outside influences. Dear you have here less courses, but then also work if the sprockets and the chain are dirty.
  • The best brake this is a disc brake, because it is not so close to the dirt like a rim brake, also the braking effect is also present in dirt and moisture, which is not always the case for small runs of rim brakes.
  • Finally, it is important that you take the wheel test, because you must be sure to cope with this, even in extreme situations, there is usually a course on which you can test it.
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