DMAX new not found - what to do?

DMAX new not found - what to do?

DMAX can be found quickly and easily.

New Frequency of DMAX

  • Usually you can find the new time slot of DMAX simply the automatic search of your receiver. This option is found in almost all devices quickly in the main menu. Let's walk through from the search, so that all stations can be found. Then, save the change, the transmitter because the data could be lost.
  • DMAX should not be displayed in the search, you can start a manual search. You can also find this option in the menu of your receiver. Then enter the satellite ASTRA 19.2 ° East 1, the frequency of 12.480 MHz and the symbol rate of 27,500 in a vertical polarization. Also, this type of scan you should not interrupt and store the stations found then.

Despite scan found nothing

  • If you have the new time slot of DMAX despite automatic and manual search not found, this may be due to external weather conditions. Try in this case, re-scan in clear weather, can be as disturbed especially in stormy weather the reception.
  • For further assistance with searching of DMAX may be technical problems on your receiver or your satellite dish, of course. If you can not check alone for proper function devices, you should contact your local dealer to check the equipment for proper operation.
  • If you are sure that your equipment is working properly, you have the opportunity to apply problem-solving directly to the customer service of DMAX. You can reach Customer Service at the hotline 08709 - 943 80. 39
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