Dry skin in children - what to do?

Dry skin in children - what to do?

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Why do children often suffer from dry skin?

  • The skin, with an area of ​​one to two square meters, is the largest organ of the body and partly fulfilled vital tasks, which is supported by a relevant body care.
  • It protects against bacteria and viruses and prevents them from entering the body.
  • It regulates the water balance, protects against heat and cold. It will carry over the entire surface stimuli such as temperature and pain and forwards.
  • The skin is colloquially referred to as a mirror of our soul. Associated with it can detect different diseases over their appearance a doctor.
  • Children's skin is still very vulnerable to harmful environmental influences. Particularly strong suffers skin allergies.
  • The immune system of children is not as firm as that of an adult. For a child to be more susceptible to adverse environmental stimuli and the penetration of pathogens. They therefore is not an expression of lack of personal hygiene, but possibly a disease.
  • Dry skin often feels brittle, not shiny, itchy and tends to reddish discoloration.
  • In children, it occurs predominantly in association with eczema. A disease that is usually hereditary.

How do you help your children?

  • Dry skin is stretched and itches very strong. Especially children try to alleviate this by constant itching scratching. But this must be prevented.
  • Creams to the skin regularly with a greasy cream a.
  • Enter the bath water and wash water more oil or fat-containing laundry additives to it.
  • Do not rub the skin, but dab it gently with a soft towel.
  • Dress your kids especially in the summer months airy. Look for clothing that is free from animal wool or synthetic fibers.
  • It is possible that dry skin is also triggered by certain foods or animal contact. Talk to your pediatrician regarding the case of such problems in order to find the root cause. He will help you accordingly.
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