Early bloomers - which onion you can cultivate early bud

Early bloomers - which onion you can cultivate early bud

Frühblüher can break through the snow cover.

Frühblüher - Background information on cultivation

Spring flowering plant, as the name suggests, already form the flowering very early in the year so that they can provide already starting in January in the garden or on the patio or balcony for a beautiful colors.

  • Through a colorful assortment of flowering plants you can bring to your home garden or on a balcony plants to flourish even during cold, gray winter days.
  • You should use different Frühblüher also because of different time periods to form the flowers, the corresponding onions you will get the varieties in garden centers, grocery stores, garden centers, hardware stores and Co.
  • The cultivation can be made as early as October, otherwise drive the onions in stored too warm already at an early stage and can not by lack of light in early winter to develop properly.
  • The early bloomers also develop through ever-increasing incidence of light under a blanket of snow heat so that they gradually melts. The fact that in January you drive out any shrubs, trees and other plant leaves, the early bloomers get more light and evolve, so to speak prematurely and not compete with other plants.

Plant the onion properly - Care and plants' needs

If you want to plant the bulbs so that they arise as an early bloomer already from January to April, in a beautiful combination of different flowers, you should know a selection of various early bloomers and they cultivate accordingly in the garden or in a pot.

  • Basically, you should plant the bulbs of plants with the pointed side up to prevent the natural plant growth can take place.
  • In addition, the site for the optimal development and strong beautiful flower is critical, look at the bulbs individually according to the care instructions so that you do not sunny or shady to select and poorly lit location.
  • As always enjoy combined early-flowering plants are snowdrops, winter aconite, liverworts, lesser celandine crocuses. Also daffodils and tulips add a beautiful decorative arrangements with them to form.
  • You should bring the bulbs in a pot or in the ground twice as deep in the earth like the onion is great. This ensures a sufficient depth to be moisturized, moreover, the flowers can be well developed.

You can make an early stage with the plants in a good mood in anticipation of the soon coming spring.

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