Eisblume - Maintain the plant

Eisblume - Maintain the plant

Pink Ice flowers are beautiful.

The frost pattern is also known as ice plant

  • It blooms from May to September. Is hardy, perennial, economical water usage - in short, easy to clean. Probably for this reason and because of the colorful Blühfreudigkeit, the little tree has gained more and more popularity in recent years.
  • Among the most beautiful varieties include the White Moonstone, Red Strongred, Peridot Yellow, Purple Star and Orange Topaz. By the radiant shaped, clear-cool petals and bright colors, the white frost is an eye-catcher in every flower design.
  • You can plant them individually or in groups. It develops in the perennial border, the rock garden, under trees, as wall or planting ground cover. Because it just reaches a height of 30cm, it is also suitable to plant window boxes or containers.

Cultivate plants and flowers

  • The perfect planting season is from March to May when the frost is gone from the ground. However, the resettlement is also possible nor from September to November.
  • Despite the cold, the preferred name Eisblume like to have a full sun. Ideal is a dry and permeable soil that does not allow waterlogging. When inserting a spacing from 10 to 15cm. Pour a little.
  • Could the ice plant root until winter sufficiently in the earth, they also bear cold temperatures easily. In extreme cold, you should also protect this plant with some twigs

Meet the few claims of Eisblume, it will spread rapidly and bring your environment to shine.

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