Emergency Room: DVD box - Buyers Guide

Emergency Room: DVD box - Buyers Guide

All episodes of ER

Have the Emergency Room at home

  • Since 1994, flickers the popular series "ER" on the screens. First, it was only in the US quite successful, but it quickly became well beyond the borders of notoriety and became one of the most popular and most watched series ever. The 15th season, which was filmed in 2009, was also at the same time the last one.
  • Overall, the "Emergency Room" was broadcast in 195 countries and translated into 22 languages. Are you a fan of such cult series? Then it surprises you not sure that "Emergency Room" was awarded in the 15 years of his best Hung time with 23 Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.
  • Fans of the series, playing the way in a Chicago hospital, the individual sequences can not see often enough. Therefore, individual seasons are sold on DVD and watched all over the world in your own home. How lucky that you can grab the giant DVD box with all seasons in stores now.
  • In addition to George Clooney, further leading actor of the party, which were partially known only by the popular series. Anthony Edwards, Noah Wyle Laura Innes or are an integral part of the series and always cause a change in the Emergency Room.

Buy the DVD box set of the series

  • The great DVD box with all the seasons of the series was released in December of 2007 and to this day a real bestseller. If you're lucky, you get the DVD box at a really good price, because many sites on the Internet they offer.
  • One of the most important purchase Notes: Make sure that the DVDs are not only intended for the UK market. You would then indeed receive the 4800 minutes ER, but only in the original version, which will perhaps not necessarily like. Check out the series like the original? Then you can order the box also from England and so perhaps save some.
  • Overall, 98 CDS must be in the DVD box. So read in advance the product description and make sure that all episodes are available.
  • The series can be seen in the languages ​​German, English and Spanish. You also have a choice of 13 languages ​​as subtitles. These include, in addition to English, German and Spanish, and French, Italian, Turkish, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian and Hebrew.
  • When you purchase the DVD box exactly that it is also the desired box, because there are now so many different DVD sets of the popular series that you can sometimes get out quickly. This purchase is validated by many happy times ignored, which can then be pretty angry about their delivery later.

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