Employment test for training as an industrial mechanic - Preparation Instructions

Employment test for training as an industrial mechanic - Preparation Instructions

Prepare yourself for the aptitude test as an industrial mechanic.

Learn for the recruitment test

  • In general, you can practice your spelling and grammar. It belongs to the intellectual capacity to be able to clearly express in the German language. Although the focus is as an industrial mechanic in the technical area, many companies place great emphasis on a proper spelling.
  • Improve your speech by reading a lot and write down words from the head and check for errors. Practice the correct punctuation.
  • Do exercises to improve concentration. To pass the test setting for the training successful, you must work quickly and concentrated. Always try to draw your attention to just one thing. Ask quietly and try over a period of 15 minutes while all listen to the radio. You can also try exercises for meditation or autogenic training.
  • For the employment test as an industrial mechanic you will get the exact time that you must adhere to. This time will be calculated possibly just to put you in a stress situation in which you still need to solve all the tasks satisfactorily. Therefore Work out the work on time. While you solve math problems, set a time limit and set a stopwatch. Try to improve your results.
  • For training as an industrial mechanic good numeracy skills are necessary. You will be calculated during the formation of the volume of bodies, analyze statistics and measure angles. Work out percentage, Dreisatz- and mental arithmetic to pass the math portion. Also important are geometry, Fractions and simple equations that must be solved.

The test for the training as an industrial mechanic

  • As an industrial mechanic technical skill is required. Imagine the following situation. You get a piece of paper with a geometric figure and a piece of wire Now it is this figure reshape alone with your hands without placing the wire on the image or use the table edge.
  • During the training, as well as in professional life, you will assemble machines and have to maintain. In setting test therefore tasks that required a good spatial sense and logic tests are very popular.
  • One of the most important school subjects for the industrial mechanics is the physics. Explore the basics of the last school year to again. The words of leverage, power transmission and physical units should be known to you.

If you have prepared intensively, you are setting the test made with ease.

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