Enjoy beach in Sardinia and exercise - Travel Tips

Enjoy beach in Sardinia and exercise - Travel Tips

Fine sand beach on the coast of Sardinia

Discover the Island - so you can enjoy it

Sardinia is an island that offers variety of all coastal sites and for every person. Whether you would like to make beach holidays and active holidays. They will close the island guarantees in your heart.

  • Of course, you have the option to rent a car and explore on your own area. In this way, you can also try the beautiful beaches anywhere once and find your favorite bay.
  • The most beautiful coves can be found rather in the south. There you can also the high season have the good fortune to find secluded beaches and small.
  • Culturally the evening you can visit not only events, but to experience the island as a single "outdoor museum". You can find old excavation sites, old churches, new museums. The fortress Su Nuraxi is the most famous excavation that you should take note. However, you can not visit alone, but only in groups of this popular destination unfortunately.
  • Experience a different kind of Sardinia, is the "Trenino Verde", the "green train". This Inselzug travels regularly around the island and you can enjoy nature in peace. You should make your ride but book early in advance at railway stations or the office of the railway company. In most cases, you also help the employees in at your hotel.
  • And you should not miss, Sardinia culinary explore. It is said that on the island above average many locals are over 100 years old, which should be due to the relaxed lifestyle and good eating. You should treat yourself to a wine tasting and taste the Sardinian pecorino with "carasau", the typical paper-thin flatbread.

Beach and sports - Freizeitipps

To enjoy the holiday include getting adequate relaxation, sunbathing on the beach, plenty of rest and then but also a variety of new impressions and experiences. Sardinia can provide much of it you.

  • You can relax while playing golf, the island offers many golf schools and a wide range of courses for beginners and advanced.
  • The diving is for those who can not get enough of the water, an experience. The clear waters and white sand offer optimal conditions to observe the underwater world well can. With a little luck you can watch sea turtles and dolphins and also find plenty of shipwrecks on the ocean floor in the south of the island.
  • Sardinia is known for his horses and riding. You can find on the island even free-living wild horses. For tourists, there are traditional riding stables and riding schools scattered around the island. Enjoy a ride on the beach.
  • You can also explore Sardinia on the bike and even go around. The roads are relatively flat, but offer a frequent ups and downs. Nevertheless, the cycling are creating in every level. If you want to go around once, however, you must be in good condition, because you will need time to approximately 1,000 km around the island around back down.
  • Hiking and would like a day in the interior of the island. The trails are, however, not marked or described. You should treat yourself to a guided tour - unless you are really experienced hikers. The walking tours are recommended if you love true wilderness and unspoiled nature.
  • And finally, the water will help you after a few days on the beach of course going to be really active and to relax by motion and recover.
  • In the north of the island you will find mainly sailors, because there the winds blow most evenly. In the south you have more circulating winds. If you do not have much experience in sailing on the open sea, then you should book a cruise with an experienced skipper (skipper / sailor). This shows you like from the water side the beauties of Sardinia.
  • The wind and kite surfers among you will probably Sardinia never want to leave, because here you will find for both sports optimum conditions. The most well cavort in the north of the island, but change the surfers surf spot always liked and drive optimal wind conditions afterwards.
  • Even with a motor boat will take you around the island. You can, with appropriate driving license, own rent a boat or book a boat with a skipper. This has the advantage that you get shown the most beautiful places and do not miss anything.

You see, Sardinia is definitely worth a visit. Happy holidays!

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