Ethanol-burning stove - so you clarify whether it is suitable for your house

Ethanol-burning stove - so you clarify whether it is suitable for your house

An ethanol stove is almost as cozy as a fireplace.

An ethanol stove can not replace the heating system. He serves with his fire more decorative purposes as for heating, although of course there is a certain heat. No chimney is needed for this Unlike a wood-burning stove. Since no alterations occur, you can use an ethanol stove in rental housing. A Aufstellgenehmigung or a decrease from the chimney sweep you do not need too.

The correct location for an ethanol stove

  • Select preferred a slightly larger room as the location for the ethanol stove. In addition, the floor must be level so that the oven is stable.
  • Depending on the model, it may be that you need to keep a certain distance from the wall. This should be considered when selecting the location.
  • Please make sure that there are within a radius of about one meter around the ethanol stove, no flammable items such as furniture, pillows or curtains.
  • An ethanol stove is only suitable for rooms that are well ventilated. Windowless rooms are suitable only conditionally.

Use ethanol fireplace properly

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions, especially if you take the heater for the first time in operation. Improper handling can otherwise lead to serious accidents.
  • Ventilate the room regularly if you use an ethanol stove to avoid "bad air". Either you should be tilted through a window or push air every hour. This is necessary because to be discharged through the combustion process of carbon dioxide and water vapor into the ambient air.
  • Before filling the ethanol oven after use again, he must first completely cool. In the worst case can otherwise cause a dangerous flame.
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