Exercises to lose weight - Tips

Exercises to lose weight - Tips

This happy woman needs to make any weight loss exercises.

Exercises alone - Intense running on the spot

  • Walk initially only rhythmically on the spot. Best music, then you usually keep by longer, provided it is music that you like.
  • Try deliberately, good cushion to roll with your foot and easily budge on his knees. Then it is strenuous and they consume more calories, apart from the fact that it is on the joints.
  • Depending on how - in what style - you do the exercise for losing weight, the more calories you consume. Now try to increase to make the exercise equally powerful and fluent and establish a constant body tension and keep. There is a considerable difference whether you perform this exercise "on the back burner" or using any cell in the body and also spiritually inspire yourself (focus on nothing but the training) or even sing along.
  • A further degree of enhancement can be reached by a mirror. Check out with exercises that you deliberately do to lose weight, quiet in the mirror and try to look nice while running, that is, with noticeable body tension, upright posture and evenly perform the exercise - and: Smile! If you want to lose weight through exercise only a few pounds and otherwise are actually quite happy with your body, it inspires a rule to look in the mirror.
  • Even more exhausting it is, if you increase are as follows: When you running your knees alternately up and bend it at the waist a minimal (that is, you should activate your abs). The higher you pull the knees, the more stressful it gets, the more calories you consume and the more appropriate it is this exercise to lose weight.
  • It is exhausting if you do not move your arms as you have naturally done well so far, so swing forward and backward. Keep your arms now even deliberately next to your body still and do not commute. You will realize this is even more exhausting.
  • A further increase in degree can be reached only by the temporal dimension that you provide for the exercise: Do this exercise for so long, until you come to your limit, but do not overdo it.

Joint training to take off

  • Find a partner to take off with exercises. Approach your partner and engage with your fingers of your hands in the fingers of your counterpart and do the walking exercise described above further, only with your partner. It is not only fun, it also calls for more forces you off because you choose to be aware of your counterpart. If you do this exercise alone, it has its own rhythm, its own cushioning. As a couple you have to turn around to the other. It costs more forces.
  • Train your body awareness and try (possibly with closed eyes) perceive with what frequency your partner makes the exercise. Then you are in fact often perceive that one side of your opponent (usually the right) is stronger than the left. He will also have a different rhythm, although you to the same music perform these exercises.
  • Strenuous exercise is this, if you both lean forward and leave the other weight. This is important because you room for your legs further - need pull up - as in the exercise described above.
  • Since you have to constantly balance out this exercise, it is more exhausting than if you go it alone.
  • If you still talking during this exercise, it is even more exhausting. Sorry, but you accept that fact alone from when you talk about "exercises to lose weight".
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