Explains how the NAS - Drobo

Explains how the NAS - Drobo

Network Storage space on this drive for all users of a network is available.

Data reliability by Drobo RAID Level

  • The Drobo is in its basic version, a small box containing 4 hard drives can hold. These can then be either directly via USB, FireWire or Thunderbolt (DAS) or, by extension, also via a network (NAS) to a computer are connected. The Drobo is therefore not immediately a full-fledged NAS, which can act as an independent unit in the network.
  • Basically, the Drobo works for various RAID levels, which are complemented by proprietary technologies. To ensure data security, RAID1 and RAID5 a combination of is used. RAID1 works with 2 identical hard drives. All data that are written on a disk are simultaneously written to the other plate. It is only the memory of one of the two plates actually available. But If one of the two plates, all data is still fully on the 2nd disk available.
  • RAID5 is an extension which allows you to use more memory. THe usable capacity of the Drobo is the sum of all the installed hard drives minus the capacity of the largest installed hard disk. The retained amount of memory used as parity, in order to restore the data on the remaining disks in case of failure of one disk can.

Insert the NAS effectively

  • The Drobo has the advantage, whether operated as DAS or NAS that he is not bound by the strict rules RAID. Through its technology it is possible to provide him with any disks of different sizes and speeds.
  • It is even possible to replace a defective drive on the fly without any data loss or downtime incurred. The Drobo used to own virtualization technology, which stores the data in internal formats. However, this also means that once stored data can be read out via a Drobo back on the Drobo.
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