Fat cream - A Guide to the correct application

Fat cream - A Guide to the correct application

For the treatment of dry, flaking skin is a fat cream is the ultimate.

Prior to the application: General information about fat creams

  • Once the barrier function of healthy skin on the face and body out of balance, it may come as rough, cracked, severely dehydrated or itchy skin symptoms. Pollutants and irritants now have an easy game: you worsen the already compromised, save the weak skin.
  • The causes of such diseases of the skin can be diverse: There are both chronic skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or fish scale disease and age-related skin lesions in eczema or question.
  • At a certain point the problem skin can not recover on its own, but needs help from the outside - in the form of a treatment with fat cream which is also referred to as water-in-oil cream.
  • Such a special cream ensures thanks to your rich ingredients that your attacked, dry skin is greased pronounced and regained their original suppleness. Moreover, most fat creams rectify arising itching and also act as an analgesic to some extent.
  • If you are looking for a special fat cream against cornification disorders, the "Basodexan fat cream" could be very useful: it contains urea, ie a special ingredient that binds water and causes calluses be flaked off quickly or that the diseased skin restores softness in the horny layer of tissue and a balanced moisture content attained. The "Basodexan fat cream" is also suitable for the (longer) treatment of skin diseases, which are almost completely gone.
  • Another highly effective fat cream is the "Linola fat". Especially with mild and moderate forms of eczema - even in the chronic stage - where a treatment with this product successfully. You may use the "Linola fat" does not apply if you are allergic to unsaturated fatty acids, peanuts, soy, wool wax or any of the excipients of the cream.
  • The "Optiderm fat cream" is one of the frequently purchased fat creams that have proven successful: it can be applied not only in atopic dermatitis and generally dry or itchy skin, but also of desiccation damage the skin by washing or the like. However, you should not treat inflamed, moist areas of skin with this fat cream.
  • No matter for which fat cream you choose, remember that you have purchased a medicine that is read before using this leaflet carefully so that you do not miss important information.

The correct application of a fatty cream

  • Enter the fat cream of your choice several times a day - as needed - and evenly on your skin. Usually it is sufficient to apply the fat cream twice a day.
  • Provided that after 4 weeks no improvement in your skin condition of the problem is established, it is advisable to consult a doctor.
  • If you accidentally forget to apply your cream fat, do the next time applying the cream not take a double dose, but must continue the treatment normally.
  • If the fat cream to the face - especially around the eyes and mouth - want to apply, you should keep on buying the product consultation with the pharmacist: Not every fat cream is suitable for treating the sensitive facial areas.
  • When side effects such as itching skin reactions or rashes that are localized, initially there is no cause for concern. If you, however, strongly affected the side effects, it is advantageous to a doctor or pharmacist for advice.
  • Most fat creams should be used within 6 months after opening. The place of storage of fat cream should never exceed a temperature of 25 degrees. Ideally, you should not leave your fat cream in the bathroom, but to a cooler place.
  • Small oil droplets, which "separates" any fat cream now and then, are not uncommon, that is they do not affect potency.
  • If you are breastfeeding as a mother, you should not use fat cream in the chest area, otherwise ingredients of the cream can get into the mouth of your baby through breast milk.
  • Finally, it should be mentioned that you need to exercise extra caution during concomitant use of condoms and a fat cream. Due to the paraffin content of many fat creams the tensile strength of condoms can be affected. Thus, a reliable contraception is no longer guaranteed.
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