FIFA 12 - Controller: Change Settings

FIFA 12 - Controller: Change Settings

The controller in FIFA 12 you can play with and without assistance.

FIFA 12 - Football Classic

  • FIFA 12 is a classic for the game console. The virtual football game manufacturer EA Sports met many local play and living room with the flair of green lawn.
  • FIFA 12 is available on various play equipment. It's not just fixed consoles like the PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii, but also on mobile devices such as the PlayStation Portable available.
  • But what all these consoles have in common or where she is at least very similar to one: namely, the type of control. In all consoles can make the settings on the controller in the same way.

The controller and its settings

  • As a general rule to say that if you have selected your teams to play the game, switchen for each team with the controller. This means that you can still select the relevant team to create a game session.
  • In the game session menu is below your controller, the attitude with which you are about to play. There are then terms like "Classic" or "Analog".
  • These terms represent specific key bindings of your controller. Approximately, the setting "Classic" another key setting to as "analog". For example, passport and shot key or other key assignments are then changed.
  • However, there are FIFA 12 yet another way to customize the controller. Therefore please be on the menu item "Settings", which is defined as "more settings" at the controller.
  • If you have opened further and custom settings for the controller, is there the possibility of aid that gives off and set the game in control. For example, you can then play without help and your player shoots, crosses and fits exactly in the direction and with the strength which you allude.
  • On the other hand, you can, which is especially suitable for beginners, play with, so the game your passes, shots and flanks aims towards your opponent controls and directs.
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