Find host name of Windows - so succeeds's

Find host name of Windows - so succeeds's

Determine the host name for the computer name in a network

Determine the host name on the System Properties Windows

If you want to know the computer name you have set, you can find out which quickly and easily using the System Properties.

  1. Do this, open the Start area of ​​Windows, click either the bottom left of "Start" (Windows XP) or the Windows icon (Windows Vista and Windows 7) or for use the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. Then click with the right mouse button on the "My Computer" (XP) or "Computer" (Vista / 7), which can be found in the upper right area.
  3. Then use the last option "Properties".
  4. If you are using XP, you now have to go "computer name" in addition to "General" tab.

Now you will see the "(complete) computer name" host name that you have set for your user account. You can edit the name quickly and easily by right below on "Change" button under XP or Vista / 7 on "settings" right and then click "Change".

Using the command prompt for finding

Alternatively, you could find out the hostname using the command prompt by using a simple instruction, it makes no difference whether you are using XP, Vista or Windows 7.

  1. This would require only start the command prompt, you can either click the key combination Windows + R and can make the command "cmd" or by clicking the "(All) Programs" to the "Accessories" folder and click "Command Prompt".
  2. Wait for a while until the new window appears with a black background.
  3. Now type "hostname" and press the Enter key.

Now you your respective host name of Windows is displayed in the lower row.

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