Finished a gym bag for children

Finished a gym bag for children

Nice if everything is in the gym bag. © siepmannH / Pixelio

Sew a gym bag - how it's done

The instructions for this gym bag is made from a rectangular shape that is drawn up. Alternatively, you can also install a belt.

  1. First of all, you should look at what your kids so want to take everything in the gym or have to. Some have great trainers, others only small ballet slippers and the turn things may well be different. Because these things ultimately determine the size of the Turn bag - a little big but does not hurt.
  2. Determine the basis of the gymnastics stuff once the size of the gym bag you choose as a rectangle.
  3. Accordingly, you now select the fabric. He should be robust - everyone knows how things are handled in the schools. And if you can also wash the fabric. It used to be used for this purpose simply plaid cotton fabric - but maybe your children have indeed special requests.
  4. Then cut according to the measurements obtained a double rectangle to (it is then merged for the bag, so you can save a seam). If the bag is to be particularly robust, you can place the fabric twice also, so to speak, as fodder for the inside.
  5. Then close - preferably with a sewing machine - the bottom and the side seam of the gym bag.
  6. Now you have to stitch up the top, so you can thread pulling tapes. To do sew in a bit more width than the tapes to the top piece of fabric around twice. Make sure that you leave on both sides of holes into which the bands are threaded.
  7. You can equip the gym bag for your children with a belt, so you can pull it to one side. Better way, however, when each tape feeding from both sides of the turn bag and then knotted at the other side. So you can pull the left and right bag and the straps are secured from slipping out.
  8. The drawing of the bands you do best with a large safety pin. These attach to the beginning of the tape and then slide into the upper edge around again. The hard end of the safety pin facilitates this work immensely.

Decorate gym bag for children - and here is individually

  • Depending on the skill and time, you can decorate the gym bag yet.
  • In the simplest case, write with a waterproof pen the name or initials of your children on the gym bag.
  • However, you can also embroider the first letter - at Karostoff this is particularly simple.
  • Or iron on your child's favorite picture.
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