Fire extinguisher fill - that should note the

Fire extinguisher fill - that should note the

When filling a fire extinguisher, you should be aware of some.

Let the fire extinguisher filled with the fire department

Not only when the extinguisher has been operated, this needs to be refilled, but also for the regular maintenance of the extinguisher.

  • Since most extinguisher Co2 print cartridges contained, it is not recommended to refill this on your own. Please contact the nearest fire department better place.
  • In addition, it should be noted that the fire extinguisher is regularly maintained. When the next service is necessary, you can read on the Eraser tool itself.
  • Also for the maintenance, you should consult the local fire authority. In addition, you can also contact a fire department for this.
  • Call before your visit and inquire about the prices of filling up and waiting. Compare prices, which are offered to you. It may be more cost effective if you dispose of the Eraser tool properly and to purchase a new extinguisher.

Dispose of the Eraser tool properly

If it turns out that the refilling of fire extinguisher is for costly than purchasing a new one, so you should think about the disposal of the extinguisher.

  • Since the extinguisher is classified under special, this should never be disposed of with household waste. Materials used and halogens harm to the environment and in many cases health.
  • Ask about whether they can dispose of the extinguisher at the local fire department. Namely a certificate of needs for this operation.
  • Therefore, you can have your fire extinguisher in a special operation, such as a fire protection company disposed of. For a small fee you can, if necessary, can also carry out maintenance and refilling.
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