First turf cut a year - that you should be aware

First turf cut a year - that you should be aware

The lawn should be efficiently maintained.

First turf cut for Vivid Green

The first grass cutting in the year should promote the right policies to strong and healthy lawn growth.

  • It depends on the individual soil condition, location, ease of growth and the days weather, when are offering a first grass cutting in the year. Also, the lawn, depending on the previous care measures, often matted and it have weeds such as mosses and yarrow located.
  • For you to wear when mowing the lawn any damage to the lawn mower that, you should remove coarse dirt and plant debris, twigs, branches, leaves and stones from the lawn. A first grass cutting in coupled with a little more effort than the subsequent lawn care. It when you release the lawn with the rake and the rake of residues is best.
  • A first grass cutting in the main outcome is a uniform plant height of all the blades, so that a strong and level lawn area is created. You should choose a dry day for lawn mowing for the mower blades of different lengths and not pocketed remain.

Divide lawn care measures in

To get a beautiful and powerful lawn and preserve a first grass cutting in should be done very gently and carefully.

  • Examine the lawns of being infected with weeds. Thus you can before your first grass cutting begins in the year, rid the lawn of undesirable weeds. In the yarrow take care when cutting out the fact that you capture mainly the entire root system of the plant so that no root suckers cause the weed to new shoots.
  • Moss that has settled in and on the lawn, you can remove with sulphate of ammonia. Ask for these products in the garden retailers. Avoid wetting the healthy lawn, so just remove the weeds.
  • Make the cut surfaces of the mower to be higher than usual. In a first grass cutting in the cut edges should be set, for example in ornamental lawns rather than 4cm to 6cm. This ensures that the surface of the photosynthetically active stalks across the lawn distributed stronger and more vigorous grass growth possible. For the second cut in the year, you can set the conventional cutting height again.
  • You should think at high infestation with moss also Kalkgaben followed by watering the lawn. The lime neutralizes the acid soil and moss and weeds and provides less favorable growing conditions, so that alone the grass grow and prosper.
  • Scarifying your lawn, where appropriate, as required. Matted lawns can thus effectively get rid of moss and withered land.
  • As a so-called. "Jump start" for healthy turf growth, you should also consider fertilizer into consideration. Iron and fertilizer supplement the often leached soil with important minerals and trace elements.

The following should the lawn regularly, at least every two weeks, mowing and especially in hot weather, morning and evening watering so hard that the fine roots of the lawn does not dry up.

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