Flachwurzler Trees - Informative

Flachwurzler Trees - Informative

Flachwurzler trees hold a strong storm was not always.

Flachwurzler Trees confine themselves to maintain their roots just below the surface. As the roots spread more plate-shaped, the risk of uprooting is naturally greater in a fierce storm. On the other hand, they are perfectly suited to plant them on shallow soils.

Flachwurzler Trees - Examples

  • The apple tree is one of the shallow rooting. Do you expect that the roots can accept the diameter of the crown. Also, most of spruce plants are among the plants that spread their roots flat around the trunk.
  • For this reason, spruce and pine are particularly vulnerable in the woods when a storm rages as a right. Although these tree species grow rapidly, but are not necessarily suitable for garden planting, as they summarily withdraw their ramified roots other plants, the water and the risk of storm damage to your building is quite high.
  • With an ailanthus go much better. The colors in summer and autumn is awesome. However, you should choose the place carefully. Keep a sufficient distance to a building and possibly misplaced plates. Its roots are a little aggressive and it is for this plant a breeze to lift massive plates.

Dealing with shallow rooting

  • Before you get motivated to work and your young plants perform their destination, you should make some thoughts. Do you expect that Flachwurzler trees are as wide as high.
  • A hazelnut tree may well reach up to four meters. This course will also take its roots. And when it comes to water, shallow roots knows no mercy.
  • Quality of soil, it depends on whether you need additional watering. Watch the top layer of soil, as shallow roots pulls the water from the top 50 cm of soil. Especially young Flachwurzler trees are dependent on water, so you digging for planting most equal to a casting ring around the plant.
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