Flex cable repair - Manual

Flex cable repair - Manual

For many devices there are ready flex cable as a replacement part.

Flex cable defective, you should be aware of

Foil cables act in devices often as the board firmly connected. The cables are rarely soldered to the patina, but fitted with flat small plugs.

  • It is quite expensive to connect Flex cable with connectors. Remember, the cables consist of a thin film on which the lines were printed. This print is covered with a further foil. The resulting fine wires you can not solder with a soldering iron. Also, it is hardly possible to repair individual wires. An exchange of the entire cable is necessary.
  • Ready Universal cables that match all of the devices are not commercially available. But for popular mobile phones and laptops you can buy ready-made flex cable. Always inquire whether there is such a cable for your device. They can be purchased on eBay, Amazon or the device manufacturer. Most ready-mounted flex cable cost less than 20 € (July 2014). It does not pay to repair itself if you can get finished cable.

Produce foil cable to repair equipment

If you find a suitable flex cable, make a suitable cable goes into them. However, you must master the reflow soldering.

  1. Follow the cable to the components, which connects it with each other. The plugs are very small and hardly recognizable as such. Next to the ports usually sit small plastic tabs. You need to move to unseat the connector from the board. Pull both ends of the cable from the sockets. Look out for, what type connector on the cable. You need identical plugs to repair the flex cable, the connector in place, you can not use it again.
  2. Obtain at electronics stores a new flex cable in the appropriate width and length as well as suitable plug.
  3. If connectors instructions is how you have to insert the cable and how far you have to strip the ends.
  4. Coat the contacts in the plug with solder paste and insert the cable ends according to the instructions of the cord.
  5. Heat plugs and cables to the correct temperature. During reflow soldering the contacts are first glued with solder paste and connect fused by heating. Experienced hobbyists heat the solder joints with an iron.
  6. Insert the plugs into the corresponding jacks from which you have the old plug removed.

The device should be working again.

Temporary repair of laminated cables

The following method can damage the foil cable fix, but it is rarely profitable to repair it. The cable is hardly hold a long time. The repair is often wrong. Sometimes you do not need the cable to expand, to repair it using this method. Otherwise you build it out as already described.

  1. Glue behind the damaged area a piece of tape. This provides the necessary support of the flex cable.
  2. Scraping gently with a glass fiber post the film of the flex cable off to get to the wires. Try not to damage them.
  3. Cover with two strips of foil offset all wires except the one you want to repair from. Only one wire should be visible between the two films.
  4. Swipe with a thin brush silver lacquer on the wire. Remove the foil strip immediately.
  5. If you need to repair more wires, repeat the process if the paint is dry.
  6. Glue the repair area with adhesive tape in order to protect the wires.

With this method, there is a risk that the resistance of the wires or changes that you make shorts, because the paint connects adjacent wires.

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