Fly Fishing in the Harz

Fly Fishing in the Harz

The bait used fly fishing imitate landed on the water insects.

What lies behind the term fly fishing

  • Fly fishing is a type of fishing in which it comes to the light weight of the bait - which eventually should rest on the water - offset by a special fishing line. The name of fly fishing stirred for by the first of this type baits ago, imitating a fly, and thus constitute an artificial lure.
  • Through a special casting technique, in conjunction with the weight of the cord that acts as bait objects may nevertheless be carefully located at the chosen place of the water.
  • That there are always mentioned as insider individual flows of resin, can not come from anywhere, but is based on positive experiences. Thus, you must assume that there could be worthwhile to spend some time with a fishing rod in hand to persevere to the capture of "Wild River" in large numbers to hope.

Why the resin for the flight fishing seems particularly suitable

  • Many anglers who are addicted to fly fishing, are provided for each tip you can get in terms of best fishing spots, grateful. Is it finally anglers known that fly fishing is only worthwhile in certain fish. Especially those who catch their prey directly from the water surface should naturally be particularly well suited for this subspecies of fishing.
  • The angler uses a generic term for these fishes and calls them salmonids. This classification includes of grayling, salmon, trout and char the. Now if it comes, where the flight fisheries could be particularly worthwhile to come here, of course, among connoisseurs rivers Bode and Selke the language because they are more than just blessed with these fish. Since those are all located in the resin, comes the "glory" of the entire region back.
  • The Or, in the range below Bad Lauterberg, helps that the resin is afflicted each year of many "dowsers" of a special kind. In this section of the river there are very many species of fish that are of this form of angling especially "accessible".
  • It is here not only solely on the stocking of the rivers, also suitable for air fish fish have a "worthwhile" exhibit size. Also, the default is apparently met in the rivers of the resin in sufficient numbers.

Finally, you will not be in vain always get to hear from the rivers of the resin when it comes to "Betrayed" good fishing grounds for fly fishing.

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