Forgotten tampon - what to do?

Forgotten tampon - what to do?

Forgetting tampons, prepares discomfort.

Replace if necessary tampons with tools

  • One way to get help with forgotten tampon is to procure new. Tampons you can get on the road at many gas stations. In public restrooms, especially at rest areas along the highway, there is often machines, where you can buy tampons with small change.
  • Another option is to make a temporary inlay. For this you can use paper tissues. Place two or three handkerchiefs overlapping in your panties. This will not last very long, there is a risk that the handkerchiefs slip. So remember to replace the tissues often.
  • You can also use toilet paper. Roll on the toilet paper roll a long piece and pull it off. Wrap it around the area to be protected of the panty around several times, so that it is absorbent enough and remains fixed.
  • If you have in your handbag cotton pads or the like always there, you can install this in addition to your provisional deposit with, because they have more absorbency than paper. This allows your temporary bandage longer.

Prevent forgetting

So it does not matter if you ever forget your tampons, you can store a preventive always a few tampons in your handbag, whether you just have your period or not. So it can not come to unpleasant surprises for the tampons are always there.

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