Free State - Meaning

Free State - Meaning

Bavaria is one of the "free states" in Germany.

The mark of a free State

  • If you look at it closely, a free state is nothing but a republic. Fundamental to the cry of a republic that it is governed by any monarch. The importance of the people is growing: The Sovereignty of the mass of the head of state and is determined directly or indirectly by election by the people. This provides a strong contrast to the usual mode of government of the monarchy. In the Weimar Constitution is therefore determined in Article 17 that each country must have its free state oriented constitution.
  • At the time of the Weimar Republic was next State of the term nation state for virtually all surface states of Germany, the official designation. Since 1945, Bavaria has the title Free State of Saxony since 1992 and a year later Thuringia as well.
  • The translation of "libera res publica", so named for the Roman Republic, forms the basis for the word formation. Language purists formed from the direct translation of "free state" is a synonym for the Republic: Free State.

Meaning of the "free state" today

  • Meanwhile, all federal states in Germany are of course equal. The federal system of Germany can be the name of a free state no legal position more special.
  • The term "State" is nowadays used mostly in connection with parliamentary democracy organized.
  • The same is true for the cities of Bremen and Hamburg. Although they are still called Hanseatic cities, the importance of such designation, however, is negligible: Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg.
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