Frenum piercing - Care Instructions

Frenum piercing - Care Instructions

Intimpiercings belong to the most unusual body jewelry.

What is a frenum piercing?

  • The frenum piercing is one of the genital piercings of the man. It is sometimes claimed that it was the second most popular behind the Prince Albert piercing.
  • The frenulum piercing is pierced through the frenulum, Latin "frenulum". Frenum and frenulum are often used interchangeably, but referred frenum in some circles a piercing that is a little further engraved below. The term "frenum ladder" refers to multiple parallel to each other engraved frenulum piercings.

The healing process after harvesting

  • The jewelry should be stung by a physician experienced in genital piercings piercer. As a first use of jewelry is suitable hypoallergenic surgical steel or titanium. Barbells or ball closure ring are often used in a thickness of 1.6 mm.
  • The piercing is pierced only by the soft tissue of the skin. In the genital area, the skin is very sensitive, but also extremely good blood supply and regeneration happy. The piercing heals within 2 to 5 weeks completely.

Proper care

  • During the healing phase, you should avoid infectious fluids as viruses and bacteria can directly enter the bloodstream through the wound. This includes semen, vaginal secretions, saliva and water from bathtubs and swimming pool. Clean the piercing with no shower gel, but with disinfectant.
  • Due to the high regenerative capacity of the tissue but there may be also that the piercing "grows". However, you can not do anything in principle. Likewise, the frenulum can tear if hooked the jewelry. On the question of whether a ring or rod is better are the ghosts.
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