Gas Grill with or without lava rocks? - Advantages and disadvantages of grills

Gas Grill with or without lava rocks?  - Advantages and disadvantages of grills

With gas grilling RuckZuck goes.

Gas grills have opposite grill with charcoal clear advantages and disadvantages. Whether with or without lava rocks, a grill with gas usually takes much more space than the charcoal version and has a higher purchase price. In addition, you must always have a gas bottle in the house and the typical charcoal grill flavor can not impersonate a gas grill also. Be rewarded the amount of space, the gas supply and the lack of charcoal flavor with fast grilling and better temperature control. And who does not like the charcoal taste anyway, can only benefit from a grill with gas.

Gas grill without stones

  • A gas grill without stones has the advantage that it can be cleaned usually better. Fat or marinade can easily drip onto the lava. These suck the fluids while, but after a certain time, there is often unpleasant smoke.
  • In addition, at barbecues without stones usually indirect grilling much easier since there are often several flames that can be regulated differently. In the variants with lava stones that kind of grilling is often not possible. But watch out for the arrangement of the flames, because arranged in a circle burners can be very uneven heat distribution.

Advantages of the lava

  • Lava stones do not have only disadvantages and that there may also be curbed somewhat. First, the stones regularly (every 1 to 2 years, depending on frequency of use) can be replaced or cleaned fairly priced. And a bowl of water among the stones helps to ensure that the stones do not absorb as much fat and marinade.
  • In addition, more recent models (eg von Weber) have a certain flame technique, which restrains the smoke. The flames are here arranged laterally and therefore the fat drips directly into the flame.
  • The great advantage of Lava stone is the heat distribution and storage. The heat is more evenly distributed, which promotes a more even cooking. Additionally it can be grilled with residual heat, saving gas.

Thus, both types have advantages and disadvantages, consider so good, what you want to use your grill and what you place a high value. No matter which option you choose, the importance of getting the advice of professional personnel, a CE mark (number 0085) and an instruction manual in German.

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