Germany ticket use the German rail properly

Germany ticket use the German rail properly

To travel by Germany ticket.

What is the Germany ticket?

  • The Ticket Germany Deutsche Bahn is the InterCity Express (ICE), the Intercity (IC) and the Euro City Express (EC) and valid on all trains of regional and local transport.
  • In order to use features of the regional or local transport, it is a requirement that you have completed a section in an ICE, IC or an EC.
  • The Germany ticket is a whole day - until three clock the following day - valid.
  • The Germany Deutsche Bahn ticket must be purchased in advance. The sales and travel period is limited thereby.

How to use the train ticket effectively

  • To use the Germany ticket as possible, you should specify a route in advance. So you can use the time you have available to use effectively.
  • If you want to travel over a longer period of time in a German city, you can also use multiple tickets Germany. Because in this way you travel cheaper than with other savings offers the web in most cases.
  • If you prefer, you can also take the return trip at night. To do this go in a night train, where you can take the ticket even Germany until morning.
  • For further questions please the staff of the Deutsche Bahn certainly help you.

A good and relaxing trip!

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