Good music for children - so bring your little ones ride

Good music for children - so bring your little ones ride

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What is good music for children?

Before you decide which music you should choose to bring your children to ride, you should make clear notice of what makes good music.

  • Good music for children initially characterized by a simple melody that allows children to try to internalize and recreate quickly.
  • The clock should have a relatively fast pace. Too slow tempo is not to be encouraged to romp and play. Is the pace too high, most children can not follow this and get frustrated cancel the game.
  • The lyrics also plays a crucial role in whether children perceive music as well. Here composers such as Rolf Harris or Detlev Jöcker have made a name because they accompany funny, life-like and situational texts with great, fitting music.

Inspire your little ones with music

Now you can choose a suitable music by a composer from. Detlev Jöcker has put together a number of nice pick-me songs. Put on a CD and take your children by the hand.

  • First, select the song "Oh, I'm tired ..." from. This corresponds exactly to the prevailing situation, your kids are really too tired to do something with this song but you are encouraged to move.
  • First of all yawn and stretch and stretch extensively to the first line of the song. Do yourself a good example.
  • If the song is sung by the following: "I clap my hands and shake that tree, I stretch the maid alone ...", follow this movement with your children.
  • In the last verse, "I thrash about with the legs, arms machens after I jump in the air, now I'm awake again," Your children will also be wide awake again.

Insert "One, two, three in the blinking of an eye" on

This song love all the little children, they can play it with multiple, everyone comes once or several times in the series and leads the singing commands.

  • All participants stand in a circle and the child who's turn, must in time to the others walking around.
  • "Bend, stretch, rundrum drehn ..." to the calls, all now jointly from the designated movements.
  • To "four times clap, stomp, stand" clap four times all children's hands. Here the sense of rhythm is encouraged as the clapping was to take place in time. Similarly, mashed in time, all are closed until the end.

Also, the Bouncing Ball Song is a pick-me

In this song, proceed as with the other previously also, listen to the song, listen for the text and perform the designated movements.

There are countless other songs that appeal to your children well and they place on the trip. However, good music alone is not enough, it is always important that you yourself set a good example and perform all movements together. This also stimulates even the feeling of togetherness of your children.

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