Grandma will - advice for a good time

Grandma will - advice for a good time

Grandma like to spoil your grandchildren.

Are you a good grandma - be relaxed

If you are grandma, you will find a wonderful and exciting time. The little earthlings will give you a smile on your face, and more than once you'll be out of their magic blown away.

  • But with all the requirements that you want to meet, you should not overexert yourself. If it will give you too much, you say that too. As you may have your grandma grandson much around, but they give back to the parents without feeling guilty.
  • When a small baby is born, the mother needs a lot of support and understanding at the beginning. Through this wonderful event, the relationship between mother and daughter, grandma and grandson can grow amazingly tight bind all parties together.
  • Give yourself and your daughter the time to re - get used to each other - in the new roles. Your daughter will do under certain circumstances in the care and upbringing of the child much differently than you did in the past. So stay relaxed - that will enrich your relationship with daughter and grandson in a wonderful way.

These things you should have in the house

  • Of course there are always unforeseen situations with children. But with a few preparations, you still remain relaxed when Grandma and be able to devote himself to the little ones.
  • In infants, it is recommended to always have enough hygiene products and toiletries in the house. These include diapers, wet or oil wipes, change of clothes, skin care, pacifiers, etc.
  • Also a bath thermometer, clinical thermometer and Kirschkernkissen are useful companion for an expectant grandmother.
  • If your grandchildren often stayed with you, you should meet with your daughter also on the presence of important drugs, such. As fever or fever juice suppositories think.
  • For the night you need a cot. Sufficient is a baby travel bed. For this you can still buy a separate mattress and lay. You will also need a sleeping bag, stuffed animal and possibly a baby monitor and a water bottle.
  • With frequent visits, you should consider together via the purchase of a second stroller or buggy.
  • Over time, will accumulate all by itself enough toys in your household who are still be fun even older children.
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