Have shops on the Monday open?

Have shops on the Monday open?

Green Monday is the carnival.

Information on Carnival Monday

  • This day always falls on the Monday before Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. In addition, the Monday is thus 48 days before Easter Sunday.
  • Often the highlight of the carnival season is celebrated on this day. In many places will take place, so-called Shrove Monday parades to mark the occasion.
  • While this day is in no state in Germany as a public holiday, yet get free, especially in the Karnevalshochburgen employees. In addition, not all shops open or at least they have limited opening times.

What shops are open where

  • Unfortunately, it is not generally say where the transactions that have to be open and where not. But a general rule: If you live in an area that is not celebrated in the carnival, the shops are very likely to be open as usual.
  • Add to Karnevalshochburgen such. As Cologne and Dusseldorf, however, it may be limited opening times. This may be because the one that the employees get free - make like this, some schools from school. The other reason is mainly the shops past which leads the carnival parade, closed or reduced opening times. Often, the shops have opened yet, at least in the morning.
  • So you have the following options: When you go shopping before the Rose Monday, you can check directly over the opening times on site. Often there is this figurehead. Alternatively, you could be on the store's homepage, if available, look.
  • Find out where the carnival procession moves along. At this distance, the shops will probably have changed opening times. At least in the Karnevalshochburgen you find this information often in the regional newspaper.
  • Also, observe possible changes to the timetables of buses and trains. If you do not drive your car, take a look at travel times of public transport such. As on the website of Deutsche Bahn.
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