Health Insurance: Cost - Informative

Health Insurance: Cost - Informative

There are different costs for health insurance.

The cost of public health insurance

The vast majority of employers are required to have health insurance law. The costs are regulated transparent and clear in this area.

  • All statutory health insurance funds have for some years make the same contribution rate, which stands at a total of 15.5 percent. From this contribution, the employer pays a share of 7.3 per cent, so that workers pay a share of 8.2 percent.
  • The contribution will be calculated on the basis of gross income. If you receive eg monthly € 3,000 (gross), then your share of the monthly fee is 246 euros, while the employer's contribution is 219 euros. Voluntary legally insured self-employed have the overall contribution, however, carry alone.
  • Calculated the contribution to the statutory health insurance always on the basis of income, but only up to the contribution assessment limit, which is at 47,250 euros gross income in the year. If you are with your income exceeds this limit, this income is no longer part of any contribution.
  • In addition to the contribution rate of 15.5 percent, the cash may also charge an additional premium, but which do not all health insurers use. This additional contribution does cause harmful health insurance, of course, additional costs and is therefore also a deciding factor in the choice of the provider.

The contribution to private health insurance

  • The cost of private health insurance are much more difficult to determine, since there is no uniform contribution rate here and also a factor not only serves as a basis to determine the contribution as income in the statutory health insurance.
  • The amount of income plays in the private KV not matter, because there are other factors, on the basis of the amount of contributions is calculated. These include, for example, the chosen tariff and thus the selected services, the age of the insured and existing diseases.
  • Of contributions is to be observed in the private health insurance that this age often can increase significantly. The costs can then multiply sometimes even later retirement age, which is a major financial problem for quite a few private insurance.
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