Heart beat per minute - so you can measure your heart rate

Heart beat per minute - so you can measure your heart rate

Effective training with the right heart beat per minute

Why take the pulse per minute?

  • Especially in endurance sports such as cycling, jogging or swimming, it is important to work out in the individual matching wrist area.
  • If the heart rate during exercise is too low, the training is not effective enough. If the heartbeat per minute too high, this leads to an overload and can damage the heart, in the worst case.
  • Please check at the in your gym, at the doctor or based on formulas that you can find on the internet, the area in which your heart rate should be at the gym. This varies according to gender, age, condition and body weight.

Feel heartbeat with fingers

Perhaps the simplest way to measure his own pulse, the counting of the noticeable pulse at the wrist.

  1. Take this index and middle fingers of your right hand and place it on the inside of your wrist. If you are easily stretch your right wrist, you will find the site faster, at pulsates your heartbeat.
  2. To make the measurement of the pulse only index and middle fingers and the thumb never. The thumb has namely a so-called own pulse and you would therefore irritate the counting of the heartbeat.
  3. If you have found the right spot, count the beats that you feel under your fingers exactly 15 seconds. Take this a clock with a second hand or a stopwatch to help.
  4. Now multiply the counted heartbeats 4 times, so you get the number of beats per minute.

Heart rate monitor as a practical tool

Although the above method is very accurate and simple, it is only suitable for single measurements.

  • If you want to have an overview of your heart rate during your workout, a heart rate monitor can be very helpful. Explore other in a sporting goods store or at the gym for a matching clock.
  • Most Pulsuhren measure the heartbeat over a narrow chest, you wear invisible from the outside under the shirt. The heart rate monitor is worn on the wrist, and so takes is a quick glance at the clock to the current pulse frequency to experience.
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