Heat absorption - Definition

Heat absorption - Definition

In a black car it can be very hot.

Heat - this short info you need

  • Heat is also electricity or motion as a form of energy; it is in the unit abbreviated "J" "Joule" measured. The release or absorption of heat is almost invariably associated with a change in temperature of the body. Different materials (solids, liquids, gases) can absorb heat differently - measure of this is their heat capacity.
  • In a microscopic image is heat energy can (and thus the temperature of a body) explained by a non-directional motion of the molecules. This movement is more violent and chaotic, the higher the temperature of the body, so the heat is energy.

What is meant by heat absorption?

The term "absorption" means in German "Record"; the origin of the term is - as with many technical terms - in Latin. Thus, body light, heat or absorb sound, so pick up.

  • Heat absorption takes place always when a body has a lower temperature than its surroundings. The heat absorption lasts as long until temperature equilibrium has been established.
  • For example, ice melts when it comes to a warmer environment. In this case, the absorbed heat is utilized to break the bond in the crystalline ice. A furnace, however, has a higher temperature than its surroundings will give off heat - this situation is called heat emission.
  • Under the microscope, take the molecules of the body, whether it is a solid, a liquid or a gas, the heat from the environment through molecular collisions on. You will receive a higher kinetic energy. In other words, by heat absorption, the temperature rises.
  • And another observation from everyday life: Putting different colors of sunlight, so heat from, please heat differently: Black faces or body, for example, hotter than light area. Here, the varying ability of the molecules plays a role of absorbing heat or heat (and light) to reflect.
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