High terrarium build yourself - Manual

High terrarium build yourself - Manual

Particleboard Eckterrarium with complete interior

How to build a high terrarium using a manual

  1. To build a high terrarium yourself, you should first find out which dimensions you want for your terrarium. High terrariums have - as the name suggests - a relatively small footprint and have been higher than other terrariums. Your wedding terrarium could therefore measured 50 x 50 x 100 cm (W x D x H) have.
  2. Now cut for the terrarium described in this manual, the chipboard to. You need this high terrarium 3 chipboard in dimension 50 x 104 cm, 2 chipboard in dimension 50 x 50 cm and 2 chipboard in dimension 50 x 15 cm. If you want to save yourself time, you can also cut the plates at the hardware store. Make sure that the chipboard is too thin, it should be at least 20 mm thick, so that the stability is guaranteed.
  3. Now insert the first 50 x 50 cm plate as a base plate in front of him and screw the three particle board with dimensions of 50 x 104 cm as side walls and back wall with the bottom plate. These make the first clamping plate vertically, next to the base plate and screw them together using a cordless screwdriver and wood screws. So that nothing breaks out, it makes sense to pre-drill holes. Repeat this process now to me the other 2 drives.
  4. Now place the second clamping plate with the dimension of 50 x 50 cm even to himself, and make the structure of the 4 flat plates bolted together to head to the single particle board, so that they also can be bolted together now.
  5. As a final step for the shell of the high terrarium now still need the two plates with the measure 50 x 15 cm can be used. These are inserted into the open side of the terrarium high ceiling and bottom and cover so that later the light and the view of the ground.
  6. This can result in a terrarium air circulation later enough ventilation grilles must be used even now. This can be done for example with round grilles. For this purpose, you must use a cordless screwdriver and a drill bit round holes milled out in the desired size and glue ventilation grilles with silicone. Most useful are ventilation grates in a side wall just above the ground (ie about 15 cm from the ground), while centered in the ceiling tile.
  7. Thus, the discs can be used later, the guide rails must be glued now. This is easiest with silicone and some clamps.
  8. The discs should have the dimension of 30 x 69 cm. Because there are several guide rails, the measurement before ordering the discs should be measured precisely. You just have to make sure that the two disks overlap. Well just yet using slices and finished the first - built according to instructions - high terrarium.
  9. Before moving the silicone should be fully transpired. To prevent the penetration of water or animal excreta, one can in addition to the ground not glue a piece of pond liner on the bottom plate.

Develop a high terrarium own ways

  • From leftover pieces of chipboard shelves yet, you can now attach at different heights in the terrarium.
  • A great way to line a terrarium, cork boards, which you can get in pet shops to stick inside the terrarium.
  • Can make you elaborate a terrarium by building a back wall itself. This can make it by working with Styrofoam or foam insulation and then these multiple covers with colored flexible tile adhesive. To make it washable, you can edit it using epoxy or paint toy. Here too, the terrarium must be neat evaporate and ventilated.
  • Depending on the later inhabitants also branches or plants may be used.

The terrarium is a very nice hobby that demands a lot but the keeper of time and care. Build a terrarium itself, is a very nice challenge. Here one can realize his ideas and his animal to create the optimal habitat itself.

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