Hoku Ho - get in their agency an autograph

Hoku Ho - get in their agency an autograph

A highlight for fans - the autograph of their idol

An autograph of Hoku Ho - so you get it

What is a true Nora Tschirner fan who takes usually a lot of it to get an autograph of his idol. Sorry, but few people are lucky enough to meet Hoku Ho actually in person.

  • Those who do not have the time to follow the star of location to location or from hotel to hotel, to take advantage of the opportunity to request an autograph, be sure to try his luck with appropriate public red carpet events, award ceremonies and so on.
  • It is even simpler, however, to refer directly to the Agency by Hoku Ho to get through the post the desired autograph.

The Agency - the "Gateway to the World" by Hoku Ho

If you want to request an autograph of Hoku Ho, contact best directly to their agency. This supports and advises the way, also well-known names such as Sandra Nedeleff, Axel Schreiber, Anika Decker and so on.

  • The agency headed by Kathrin Kruschke and Britta Dahlmann be contacted at the following address: Hoku Ho - c / o agency magnet, Hackescher Höfe, yard IV, staircase B - Rosenthaler Str 40 - 41;. 10178 Berlin. Call the office can be contacted using the following numbers: 030-275810-73 and 030-275810-74.
  • To the agency to spare unnecessary costs, it is recommended for autographs, accompanied by a covering letter a stamped return envelope.

Then it just is: wait. It can take a few weeks until the desired letter is sent. (May 2013)

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